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Annual Dues


Skål Seattle convenes every second Monday of the month, though occasional adjustments may occur to accommodate holidays or scheduling conflicts. July marks our annual golf outing and meeting, while August brings the much-anticipated SKAL BBQ. From receptions and gatherings to sit-down dinners and other enjoyable adventures, our meetings offer a dynamic networking opportunity. Typically running from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, they promise engaging interactions and memorable experiences for all attendees. 



President:  Steve Spurlock

Vice President:  Laurelee Graham

Treasurer:  Owen Lienbach

Secretary:  Julie Zadeh

Membership Director: Liz Bell 

SIUSA Representative:  Garrett Landry

Auditor:  Darren Moore

Social Media Chairman:  Mark Costa

Webmaster:  Emily Milbrath

Annual Dues

Membership Dues for 2024 - $185 (must be an active member)

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