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Skål Business to Business

Skål International's Business to Business program is called "Doing Business Among Friends". Locally we support doing business among our members. We have created a list by travel category. We have provided a brief description of companies but encourage you to contact the Skål member and visit their web site for further information.



The Skål International Preferred Contacts are a membership benefit of Skål International. The Preferred Contacts allow our members to contact each other and do business together. This is now referred to as “Doing Business Among Friends”.

It means that there are more than 20,000 companies listed on the Skål International website with whom you can do business and the principles of these companies are Skål members like you. If you are in the travel or tourism industry and you need representation in another country, all you have to do is to consult the Preferred Contacts section of the Skål International website

Registering your company name as a Preferred Contact is very simple and completely free of charge. Simply e-mail your name, company and website address to the General Secretariat Skål International at requesting it to be added to the Preferred Contacts.

You can select the companies of your choice by the members name or company name (if these are known to you), by country or by branch, e.g. travel agent, hotel, etc. It could not be more simple.



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