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Prior to 1958 a group of Denver travel executives led by Bruce Hamby,

Denver Post Travel Editor heard of an organization in Europe known as

Skål. The “Association Internationale des Skål Clubs” founded in 1932 was

formed to promote international goodwill and friendship among travel

professionals and was highly successful in Europe. These men met several times

exploring options on how to obtain a local chapter of Skal. Finally in 1958 they secured a local chapter in Denver, Colorado. The Charter members of the club were:

Tom Amos                                Doug Frazier                       Chet Lubben                    Joe O'Conner                         Roger Spahr
Hertz Rent-A-Car                      D&RG RR                          Frontier Airlines                                                               Santa Fe Railway

Don Auld                                   Bruce Hamby                     Bob McKenna                 Charles O'Toole                       Herb Stancil
Colorado Transportation           Denver Post                       Western Airlines              Continental Air Lines              Trans world Airlines

Bill Bapstist                              Harry Haufendick              Bob McKenny                  Pat Oliver                                 Carl Steele   
The Pullman Co.                      The Pullman Co.                Braniff Airlines                Pam American World Air        Carl Steele World Wide Travel

Forrest Blyler                           Leif Hauge                          Karl Mehlmann                Van D Ostlind                         Homer Stephens
Rock Island RR                        SAS                                   Brown Palace Hotel         Rock island Line                     Albany Hotel

Kostas Boudovris                   Al Hawney                          Don Menk                          C. W. Plagemann                  Amos Sudler
Air France                              Cosmopolitan Hotel            Boulder Travel Agency      Burlington RR                       American Express
Bud Cleghorn                          Don James                         Joe Miller                           Kenn Prosser                        Eric Vessteegh
Hertz Rent-A-Car                     Denver-Boulder Bus Co.   American Express           Greyhound Lines                  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Gordon Dahn                          Ted James                          Mark Modglin                   Tony Schoeph                       Mark Visnak           
Frontier Airlines                     Colorado Transportation      Burlington RR                   United Airlines                      All Travel Travel

Jo F. Drake                             Larry Johannsen               Joe Moxley                        Ray Schutte                           Hal Wright
AAA Travel                             University Hill Travel                                                    B.& O. RR                              United Airlines

Harold Eno                             Matt Kramer                         Willi Mueller                     Bill Sheridan                         William Wunsch
D&RG RR                               Continental Air Lines           Piero de luixe Travel        Fisher-Sheridan Travel        Whitley Travel Agency
Milt Frampton                        Dave Lindquist                     Hugh Noell                      Ed Siemers
Park Lane Hotel                    Fisher-Sheridan Travel        BOAC                              Union Pacific



                          Order of Skål Merit


​                                   William Sweet
                                Membre D’Honneur of Skål International

Many of you know Bill Sweet’s history within the Skal organization, yet many of our newer members might
not understand the breathe of Bill’s Skal involvement through the years.

A member of the University of Denver’s School of Hospitality & Tourism’s first graduating class, Bill went
to work for the Brown Palace Hotel shortly thereafter, eventually rising through the ranks to serve as the
Brown’s General Manager & President for many years. Bill joined the Skål Club of Denver in 1963
and served as our President in 1971.

Unlike so many of us in this oganization who have served as a local Skål Club President however, Bill’s service to Skal had only just begun. He served as Regional VP from 1976-80 before moving up the “Officers ladder” to serve as President of all of Skal International USA in 1982-83. During 1984-85, Bill was President of the “North American Association of Skål Clubs” representing over 100 Clubs and thousands of North America Skalleagues.

From late 1985 to 2001, Bill served as “Executive Secretary” for both SIUSA and NAASC combined, and was awarded the “Order of Skal Merit” in 1994. Bill Sweet has been named “Honorary President” for SIUSA as well as for North America, but his most distinguished recognition within the world of Skål was to have been named a “Membre D’Honneur” of Skal International in October, 2003. In the 75 year history of Skå, this honor has only been bestowed on 74 members worldwide, and Bill is one of only 4 elite Skalleagues in the United States to ever be recognized in such fashion!

It is common to invite a “high ranking” Skål leader to do the honors when a Club installs it’s new Officers…Skalleagues, ladies & gentlemen, we would be hard pressed to find a more distinguished Skal official than this man who has so prominently established our Club on the worldwide Skål map…our own “Bill Sweet”.

Of historical note, Bill has attended 26 Skål International Congresses and 31 NAASC Congresses.


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