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Business to Business

This page is designed to focused on the benefits of doing business with fellow Skålleagues. It is for informational purposes only. We encourage you to treat all companies fairly and provide them with feedback whenever possible

A Private Guide - Daphne Marrable, -

A Private Guide, Inc. provides the full spectrum of transportation and touring services. Our dedicated team of professionals works hard to ensure that each program exceeds your expectations. Focusing on creativity, organizational details and budget requirements, A Private Guide, Inc. has the experience and flexibility to make your time with us a success.

Leisure Travel Programs - Mary Grims

Rocky Mountain Hospitality Bruce Whitaker

Travel Guard International - Tina Oleksinksi -

Travel Trade Shows - Buck Wilson - ​

Special Skål Trade Show/Reception Program - Exclusive Rates for Skål Members Join many of your fellow Skålleagues who are gaining sales and market share in these tough economic times. We highlight the smaller and mid-sized markets where the buyers are anxious (and grateful) to see you. Our shows are “small enough to be personal and large enough to be profitable” and   offer lots of one-on-one time. Skål International will have a table at every show

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